january, 2022

fri21jan7:30 pm9:30 pmCancelledCANCELLED - The Queens Of Infinite Space 1/21/22Due to the current and projected surge in Covid 19 cases and hospitalizations, we are suspending our production of Queens of Infinite Space. 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


(Friday) 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Epiphany Center For The Arts: Epiphany Hall

201 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607

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Due to the current and projected surge in Covid 19 cases and hospitalizations, we are suspending our production of Queens of Infinite Space



Another groundbreaking work from the team that brought you La La La Strada! 


William Shakespeare returns to post-plague London pitching a new play, but there's a new king, a new cosmology and the world doesn't revolve around him any more.  Can he pivot and craft a fitting masterpiece for this 'Brave New World?' 



And so is Proboscis.  We were busy during the pandemic shutdown, writing a NEW play about what to do after a pandemic shutdown!  And now, we want to bring that play to YOU! 

The year is 1603.  The Bubonic Plague is waning and London is emerging from Lockdown.  William Shakespeare is the most famous celebrity in England and he's trying to write another masterpiece.  But things changed during quarantine.   It’s a new day and nobody can rest on their laurels.  The Copernicans need him to use his ridiculously popular platform (THEATRE!) to tell the scientific TRUTH that Earth dwellers are NOT the center of the Universe.  The new Queen of England is pressuring him to use his pen to destroy the reputation of her Danish royal family, especially the scoundrel Astronomer Tycho Brahe! 

In the Queens of Infinite Space we follow Shakespeare (Tia Pinson) the youngest, richest and most visionary writer of his age, as he wrestles these agendas into one play- Hamlet.  What better vehicle than the greatest dramatic masterpiece of all time to describe and confront the Earth shattering inevitability of a new cosmology?  Can Shakespeare write a play that is both the mirror that reflects society and the hammer that shapes it??  Can Proboscis?   We believe we CAN!  

The Queens of Infinite Space is more than just a play.  It's a full frontal experience.  Come to the Epiphany Center for the raucous music, the intrigue, the sword fights, the love scenes and the full bar!  But leave with that unsettling feeling that causes you to rethink and reinvent EVERYTHING! 


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