MORE THAN LUMPIA: Ash Nañoz Asunción de Maria (2023)

Ash Nañoz
Asunción de Maria (2023)
Cotton fabric, poly-fil hand dyed, hook-and-eye closures
72 x 50





Artist Statement

“My mom often tells me I remind her of my grandmother, Asunción, her mother. How could I be so like someone I’ve never met before, someone who passed away before I was born? With the little knowledge I have of Asunción, I researched geography, culture, family history, and major events during her lifetime, to create an identity for my Lola Asunción. When I’m sewing or crocheting, these are the moments that elicit the comparison. These practices are seen stereotypically as “feminine,” yet they’re so physically taxing on our bodies. Moments when I’m breaking my back over projects, straining myself, are the moments when I feel closest to my matrilineage. Reflecting and reevaluating, I realize that my early perception of my grandmother was a glamorization of her identity. The reality is that so many Filipino women must overwork themselves to survive. Maybe she wasn’t always happy to be at home and sewing. Maybe it was just her role as a woman in the Philippines. This piece has evolved to represent how I carry the legacy of both sides of my family and how I honor that every day.” 

About Ash Nañoz

“I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. My main focus is fashion construction and design. However, I have the most experience in fine arts practices, namely drawing and painting. I take influence from my Filipino heritage, my love for human connection and following intuition with my art. I enjoy exploring mediums and finding ways to communicate my identity and voice through different mediums.”

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