MORE THAN LUMPIA: Camille Ver Color Flow 5

Camille Ver
Color Flow 5
Acrylic on canvas sheet
14 x 10





Artist Statement

“There are figures hiding within figures, just as much as there are stories woven within other stories. The works in the Color Flow series that I painted in August 2023, represent a continuation and a new beginning at the same time: to continue strengthening the historical and stylistic influences of Rococo where my quest for happiness began, and to begin a journal of my life palette, where I see the meaning of life through the spectrum of color. The Color Flow series draws from the idea of independence and the “pursuit of happiness,” which appear to be a lifelong and cyclical goal. Here, I incorporate my true source of happiness, which is God, and radiate the strength of the earthy tones, the liminal warm hues, and the fluid shapes they form.”

About Camille Ver

Camille Ver has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in her 18 years in the industry. She is currently based in Manila where she focuses on producing abstract works that highlight the gravity and essence of colors as a retrospective journey of dissecting emotions, historical parallelisms, and experiential reflections. These works have been exhibited in various galleries and fairs in the Philippines, USA, and UAE to name a few. She developed her techniques from her education at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts and Philippine Institute of Interior Design and honed them further through teaching art itself. Various publications such as Art+ Magazine and other esteemed establishments featured most of her works, highlighting the chromatic accents of the physical or metaphysical–or both, all while incorporating visual and philosophical elements of various notable art movements and periods.

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