MORE THAN LUMPIA: Cesar Conde Santa Igorota in Pink (2023)

Cesar Conde
Santa Igorota in Pink (2023)
Acrylic, oil, graphite, charcoal, and rhinestones on canvas
12 x 12





Artist Statement

Conde believes that Art is a powerful tool for Resistance, unifying communities, and providing a safe space for dialogue. A “Queer” artist of color, Conde’s art is informed by social political issues which affect the marginalized.

About Cesar Conde

A product of Filipino diaspora and Martial Law, Conde landed in Chicago’s west side over 48 years ago, moved to Seattle where he became part of Seattle’s first school busing desegregation program. Conde is a contemporary painter who uses old world technique. He studied at Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Technique Mixte, with Master Patrick Betaudier in France and Ed Hinkley in Chicago. After Trayvon Martin’s killing, Conde created “In The Hood – Portraits of African American Professionals Wearing a Hoodie” which dealt with Perception” vs. “Reality. “The Bang Bang Project” was conceptualized after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It focuses on “Racism” and “Police Brutality”. “AmeriKKKa – Reflection of a Divided Country” comments on the rise of White Nationalism, Xenophobia, Sexism and Racism in the U.S.  pre and post Trump. His series “Of Human SURVIVAL” documents endangered species and how climate change affects poor P.O.C.. He has lectured regarding “De-Colonizing and Empowerment Through The Arts”. Conde has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, public spaces and museums including The Field Museum, The DuSable Museum, Freeport Art Museum, Museo Naturali Di Scienze Naturali in Turin, Italy, Art Taipei, and Miami Art Basel. He is part of “American Roulette Exhibit” which is traveling around the country regarding gun violence in American culture. Cesar has conceptualized and co-curated with Sergio Gomez “From Acapulco to Manila”, a shared historical, cultural experience between the Mexican and Filipinos.

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