MORE THAN LUMPIA: Christopher Robles Chippy with Kuya (2023)

Christopher Robles
Chippy with Kuya (2023)
Mixed media on canvas
60 x 48





Artist Statement

“My eclectic painting of Chippy defines a combination of abstract and expressionism which tells the story of finding identity through diverse cultural upbringing to present day as a Filipino-American living in America’s suburbia. Themes of anxiety, finding one’s identity and understanding of my cultural value resonate throughout my body of work. The pressure to succeed outside of the perceived Filipino stereotypes are embedded through this created piece within the textured red markings, the color schemes that reflect the different shades of Filipinos skin tone, & the exaggerated roughness within the stenciling of Chippy that adds commentary in myself and each other’s journeys that depict the dichotomy of finding our identities as Asian American.”

About Christopher Robles

Christopher Robles is a Filipino-American multi-hyphenated artist primarily focusing on upcycling, painting, and installations. When he is not designing and upcycling clothes you can find Christopher painting narratives and stories about his identity, native roots, and upbringing as a Filipino-American in suburbia-from going to small Filipino market stores with his KUYA (big brother) to grab Filipino snacks, and going to work with his mom, who was a nurse in Maywood.

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