MORE THAN LUMPIA: James Bulosan Seen What I Never Seen Before (2023)

James Bulosan
Seen What I Never Seen Before (2023)
Ceramic, cord, tinsel, wire
32 x 20





Artist Statement

“My art represents explorations of history, place, and self in liminal spaces using clay as an access point to deconstruct and develop expanding rhizomes. The work serves as a representation of culture that is both transient and permanent. Truths derived from passed tales of fact and fiction. Whether real or imagined, respecting all as creators of the present. This path is borne out of my constant discord and development of identity. I, like many others, exist in that cultural gray area. Born and raised in America from immigrant parents, has led to a ‘floating-like’ cultural experience. A state of being where I am neither fully accepted by my Filipino heritage for being too American, and conversely, never being accepted as American because I am Filipino. My work is indicative of this struggle. Clay as a material act is a veritable vessel inhabiting these ideas in a very tangible way. With every touch and interaction, the clay holds these memories as a solidified truth.”

About James Bulosan

James Bulosan is a multifaceted artist whose creative journey has been marked by a deep exploration of art and its intersection with psychology, community engagement, and the dynamics of human expression. With a rich educational background and a diverse range of professional experiences, he seeks to explore the human experience, fostering community, and pushing the boundaries of art’s therapeutic potential. Through his professional beginnings as a Research Director at Rush Medical Center to Director of an expressive therapy program at a small community hospital on the west side of Chicago and from teaching at SAIC and currently at Benedictine University, he seeks to show a rounded viewpoint that looks to include the many roles we carry in life. James builds on this idea through his role as co-director of Lion VS Gorilla, a curatorial concept focused on creating shows where artists and viewers are collaborators in an aesthetic experience, and where the integration between artists and the larger community is promoted.  All together James Bulosan’s work looks to transcend traditional artistic boundaries and invite viewers to engage with profound narratives and experiences. 

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