MORE THAN LUMPIA: Julio Jose Austria HTML – How to Make Lumpia (2023)

Julio Jose Austria
HTML – How to Make Lumpia (2023)
Oil on canvas
39 x 29





Artist Statement

Austria’s present works demonstrate how form generates meaning, and how formalist – abstraction – social realism divides have indeed been rendered untenable. Of how color, texture, and stroke become analogous to the layered existence of the weary urbanite, while still indulging passionate proclivity to the paring down afforded by degrees of non-representation. He is fascinated with the idea of an artwork as unfinished and work-in-progress, like his existence as an immigrant and urbanite, always “in progress.’ His works are scrapbooks of memories, participation, and histories of his community in New York. His practice includes painting, mixed media, video, and installation.

“HTML …”

 A pun acronym that means “How To Make Lumpia.” The painting highlights rolled canvas cloth representing the spring roll with each color showing the inhabitants and who colonized the land. It also represents the ongoing State of the Nation in which our compatriots are being cooked in their own oil by the rulers of the country, a saying in the local language “niluluto sa sariling mantika.”  It also shows Filipino resilience despite the smoke and heat being thrown out, we always stand out and survive, just like the dish lumpia. Through centuries it has evolved, made fusion, and refined, now entering the age of Artificial Intelligence.

About Julio Jose Austria

Julio José Austria is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City. Formally trained painter in the Philippines, his creative process and practice evolved after he immigrated to the United States in 2011. His work is more focused on the process of making than the “permanence” of the final output because his works reflect the city he lives in, which is always changing. Nothing is permanent. From wandering with a point-and-shoot camera in the streets of New York, rushing from one subway station to another, to scavenging found objects – these profound life experiences are channeled into his artmaking. 

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