MORE THAN LUMPIA: Justin Suico Such is Love (2023)

Justin Suico
Such is Love (2023)
Mixed media
36 x 24





Artist Statement

“My focus is on exploring and addressing emotional disconnection in today’s society. Through my work, I aim to draw attention to the often-neglected value of our internal beauty and to encourage a more humanistic perspective. I believe that by reconnecting with our social consciousness and encouraging introspection and compassion, we can rediscover the beauty in our lives. My goal is to create a dialogue and space for viewers to reflect on their own emotions, and to consider the emotions of others, to foster understanding and empathy. My work explores different themes related to introspection, well-being, and discovery. Crafted with a unique mixed media approach that reflects the complexity and depth of our innermost thoughts and emotions. Inspired by neuroscience, psychology and well-being, each painting features a painted portrait, carefully crafted onto custom thick plexiglass, mounted upon a painted abstract language representing the intricate weave of our cognitive experiences and feelings. It’s an artistic process that allows the viewer to peer into the subtle nuances of the human condition and capture the essence of the beauty that lies within us all. I am excited to use this medium to create an emotive and resonant experience that will touch the hearts of those who see it.”

About Justin Suico

Chicago native Justin Suico is a visual artist who is a primary catalyst for the Art of Emotional Intelligence movement. His art seeks to bridge emotional disconnection in today’s society, fostering empathy, understanding, and connection. Suico’s unique mixed-media style weaves elements from neuroscience, psychology, culture, and mental health into intricate artworks. With a rising career, Suico’s art has been attributed to exhibitions worldwide, from Miami’s Art Basel to London’s Boomer Gallery near the iconic Tower Bridge and Tokyo’s Metropolitan Art Museum. In 2019, he brought his creative vision to life in COCO Miami, a significant event during Miami’s Art Basel week. His solo exhibitions at the Elephant Room Gallery and BLNK Haus have gained acclaim, earning him interviews on WCIU’s The JAM! and WBEZ Chicago radio. He was a finalist in the 2018 Midwest Regional Art Battle and ranked among the top 20 artists at the 2017 AFLC exhibition. Suico is also an adept curator, organizing successful pop-up shows, including the exclusive SCOUT VIP access party attended by the film and television industry.

Beyond art, Suico’s philanthropic efforts have made a meaningful impact. In 2019, he dedicated his time as a committee member for Art for Life Chicago, raising funds for vital HIV research. He also played a pivotal role in crafting an art program for Karam, aiding Syrian refugee children’s transition to a new life in America. Suico’s artistic influence and genuine compassion continue to uplift lives and enrich the world around him.

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