MORE THAN LUMPIA: Kennan del Mar Overlap (2023)

Kennan del Mar
Overlap (2023)
Oil on canvas
64 x 48





Artist Statement

“As an artist, I’m captivated by the human form’s unique ability to communicate. Painting the figure provides a raw and unfiltered canvas for storytelling through form, movement, and positioning. Every curve, line, and angle have the potential to evoke profound emotions and convey a narrative that’s both personal and universal. My art seeks to capture the essence of the human form and its ability to influence how people perceive the body. By juxtaposing visible and seemingly random brush strokes with the intricate details of the figure, my aim is to convey a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that remains distinct within the realm of human experiences. 

The interplay of curves and how they are positioned are key elements in my work. They allow me to create a sense of flow and rhythm, inviting the viewer to follow the story that is unfolding before them. Whether I am exploring the sensuality of a seated figure or the strength and power of a standing form, my goal is to encapsulate the beauty and complexity of the human body. 

Art, for me, transcends likeness, communicating something deeper. It’s an exploration of the human experience, inviting viewers to connect personally and universally with the body’s remarkable stories. Nothing rivals the power of the human body and the narratives it imparts”.

About Kennan del Mar

“I am Kennan del Mar, a self-taught artist who was born and raised in the Philippines and now lives in Chicago, Illinois. My passion for art began at a young age when I experimented with various art forms, including drawings, sketches, digital artwork, and surrealism, without any formal training in the field. Since 2016, my focus has shifted towards abstract painting on canvas, resulting in an evolution of my artistic expression. However, I am also exploring figural art as a means of expanding my creative horizons. In creating my figural pieces, I set myself apart from other artists through my unique process of exploring the human form from various settings and perspectives. I then translate these observations onto canvas, using different techniques and mediums to bring my vision to life. My artistic approach is not limited to a specific style or form, but rather, reflects my constant experimentation and desire to capture the feeling that best expresses that moment. This approach allows me to access a sense of automation without the need to contextualize the artwork in any specific way, resulting in pieces that are personal and emotive. With every piece, I seek to capture the essence of the human form and the emotions it evokes, creating art that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

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