MORE THAN LUMPIA: Michelle Snow Man Eater

Michelle Snow
Man Eater
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 38





Artist Statement

“I focus on acrylic painting and have dabbled in an array of mediums including watercolor, spray paint, charcoal, and clay. At a young age, my sister Christine and I created one of my characters called Mi. We would draw that character on everything such as schoolbooks, notepads, desks, walls, etc. In 2022, I had visions of multiple paintings of Mi and thus, also creating Mo as a character to go alongside it. Many of my inspirations and style of painting comes from modern artists and contemporary pop art, although I do enjoy abstract painting as well. Painting Mi and Mo has let me relive aspects of my childhood and transform them into my way of thinking now.”

About Michelle Snow

Michelle Snow is a self-taught, Vietnamese-Filipino-American artist. Her love for drawing and painting started at the age of 6. In 2018, she started creating public art with small murals in Worcester, but didn’t fully immerse herself into her art career until she moved to Chicago in 2021.

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