MORE THAN LUMPIA: Ramona Magsaysay Pasig.Pasig (2023)

Ramona Magsaysay
Pasig.Pasig (2023)
Pen, marker, rhinestones, mixed media on cotton
18 x 12





Artist Statement

Having embellished certain details in rhinestones, I chose to highlight a few iconic cultural references drawn out from my own experiences as a first generation Filipino-American. Having never visited the country, I chose references in which drawn up images I feel closer to identifying my Filipino Heritage. These playful drawings are collaged in a childlike style to embody some of the kitsch aesthetic and playfulness of the Filipino people.

About Ramona Magsaysay

Ramona Magsaysay is a visual artist currently living in Chicago. She Is a first generation Filipino-Polish American and has a vibrant lens drawn from a diverse perspective culturally and professionally. At 18, Ramona flew the coop and moved to NYC where she lived for over a decade. Ramona received a BFA in Studio Arts from Parsons School of Design, is a Heisley Family Foundation Recipient at Art Institute of Chicago and completed a semester at The Oxbow School in Napa, CA. Having an eye for fashion and fine art background, she blends both worlds through a colorful lens using traditional mediums, processes, and techniques. As an interdisciplinary artist, she often uses painting and drawing to collage imagery inspired by her love of underground fashion, art, and music. Ramona uses her talents and skill sets while freelancing for a variety of artists and production/fabrication studios in art, event, and fashion industry. She has been a creative eye/assistant on numerous projects ranging from art installations, floral decor, fashion merchandising, commercial shoots, and large-scale events. She has assisted on many client projects in the corporate world, including: Reebok, Jimmy Choo, Max&Co, Refinery 29, Met Gala, Le SportSac, NY Fashion Week, 29 Rooms. She has gained a varied array of industry knowledge and is always seeking to branch off into different sectors of the fashion art world.

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