MORE THAN LUMPIA:Ged Merino We Built this Country (2023)

Ged Merino
We Built this Country (2023)
Face towels and embroidery
80 x 54





Artist Statement

“I collect things, discarded intentionally or incidentally, and my migratory history includes the movement of physical things. Thus, this process of constant transformation, inspired by recycling practices, which does not seek a single destination, can also be understood as an analogy of my artistic career in continuous roaming between the two extremes of the Pacific Ocean. My identity is based not so much on root (root, or origin in the Philippines), but “enroute” (route, or their roaming paths) The node in this network of material affinities across the years is the nexus between Manila, Bogota, and New York. In my ambivalent state as I shuttle between cities, absorbing energy, and the visual stimulation each city emits, yet on the other hand, feels a sense of displacement. In a process based on a cycle of emergencies, existences, and fading, in which a piece of art is nothing more than an expression of impermanence. Weaving my biography with my art history through a material that threads through seemingly separate, even disparate, worlds, as if archiving sentimentality. A transposition of experiences made possible by migration and settlement.”

About Ged Merino

Ged Merino is a Filipino-American mixed media artist based in New York. In 2014, he held solo exhibitions at The Drawing Room Gallery in Makati, The Cultural Center of the Philippines and other international exhibitions and workshops. He was also selected as part of the Art Platform at the Singapore Art Stage last January 2015, and in 2018, he was selected as part of the exhibition “The Hybridity and Dynamism of the Contemporary Art of the Philippines” in Seoul Korea. Merino also co-founded Bliss on Bliss Art Projects New York and recently in Bogota with his wife Carolina Morales. The cross-cultural artist-run space provides a platform for experimentation and presentation of new works for contemporary artists, writers, filmmakers and performers. Ged Merino is represented in Southeast Asia by the Drawing Room Contemporary Art in Manila, Philippines and in Bogota, Colombia by Maleza Proyectos.

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