MORE THAN LUMPIA:Zarina Natividad Docken One, Two Balloons (2022)

Zarina Natividad Docken
One, Two Balloons (2022)
Watercolor on paper
22 x 15





Artist Statement

“I am inspired by the best of us and hope to inspire in return. Our open, connected world has revealed so much about our society. Those who make us draw collective, disbelieving gasps often overshadow the unassuming but nonetheless phenomenal folks. Through my art, I celebrate people’s hopes and resilience: from the triumphs of our everyday lives and our aspirations to reach our own personal zenith to our courage standing against the worst of us. To me, watercolor is the perfect medium to capture the most exhilarating moments of our shared humanity. It is humble yet expressive and dynamic. Watercolor is one of the first mediums many of us used as children, when as artists we were the most uninhibited and joyful. And just like our lives, watercolor defies absolute control, and reveals its beauty when allowed to flow and create connections in its path.”

About Zarina Natividad Docken
Zarina Natividad Docken was born in Manila, Philippines and raised by a single Mom. Although she always loved drawing, her family’s situation kept her focused on finding financial stability. Soon after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of the Philippines, she moved to Chicago to begin a career in technology. Zarina never abandoned her love for the arts. She devoted several years to theater, writing plays and acting in various productions. She drew and painted when she could. In 2009, she attended IIT Institute of Design to pursue a master’s degree in design. At the end of 2018, in search of a more convenient medium outside of oils, Zarina requested and received a set of watercolors. Despite having dabbled with the medium before, it never truly captured her imagination as it did the weeks after receiving those paints. She has since committed to learning through many avenues outside of going back to school. Her first biggest inspiration and influence was Charles Reid. She participated in various workshops with watercolor masters such as Eudes Correia, Alvaro Castagnet, Keiko Tanabe, Marc Folly, and Patricia Guzman. She also attended classes at the Palette & Chisel in Chicago and the Evanston Arts Center. Although Zarina only started watercolors in her mid-40s, she believes that her experiences—from Calculus to motherhood—all are part of her artistic journey.

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