Epiphany Center for the Arts Announces New Acoustic Music Series
Ongoing lineup will feature a variety of musical styles that showcase

the landmark venue’s extraordinary acoustics 

CHICAGO (September 16, 2021) Epiphany Center for the Arts today announced its new Acoustic Music Series, an ongoing lineup of live performances that showcase the extraordinary acoustics in the landmark venue’s Epiphany Hall and The Sanctuary. From instrumental to vocals, the series of afternoon and evening performances on Sundays will feature a variety of musical styles, including classical, singer/songwriter, chamber, world, country, choral, bluegrass, ragtime and folk.

“We’ve received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from both musicians and audience members, and all who attend recognize that Epiphany Hall and The Sanctuary are two of the most acoustically-brilliant and aesthetically-magnificent performance venues in Chicago,” said Kerry Sheehan, Epiphany’s talent buyer. “Whether you’re at an intimate show in The Sanctuary or a 400-person listening concert in the more expansive Epiphany Hall, the stunning acoustics in both spaces make for the ideal listening experience.” 

“The Sanctuary at Epiphany Center for the Arts provides a truly remarkable acoustic experience for audience members, where no matter your location in the room, the sound travels right to you, making you feel like you’re there on stage with the musicians. We are thrilled to be bringing our brand-new classical chamber music series to Chicago audiences at this venue,” said Anita Graef, co-director and cellist of the Juliani Ensemble. “Our aim with all of our concerts is for each audience member to leave positively transformed; more centered, more joyful, more peaceful, more uplifted. The ability to foster this musical connection with the audience, as well as the chance to personally engage with audience members following performances, is a large part of what makes this concert series so unique, and certainly a joy for the performers.” The initial schedule for Epiphany’s Acoustic Music Series includes the Juliani Ensemble, as well as the following renowned performers:

The inspiration for Epiphany’s new acoustical series was born during a visit to Barcelona by co-founders David Chase and his wife Kimberly Rachal. After attending a concert together at the city’s Basilica Santa Maria del Pi, the business partners knew they had to recreate their experience for Epiphany’s patrons.

Both the space and performance at Barcelona’s Basilica Santa Maria del Pi were breathtaking, with absolutely mind-blowing acoustics,” said Chase. “The gorgeous, historic structure and amazing sound experience reminded us of what we have at Epiphany. Kimberly and I were so moved, and it was at that moment that we envisioned bringing world-renowned talent to Epiphany Center for the Arts so others could experience that same magic.” 

“I was lucky enough to perform at the La Scala opera house in Milano,” said Alessandro Magno, retired opera singer.  “Once, I had the opportunity to sing on the stage, to an empty house before a performance. The acoustics in La Scala are perfect.  The acoustics at Epiphany Hall rival La Scala, and it’s much more intimate.”

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About Epiphany Center for the Arts
Conceived with the vision to return Epiphany to a place for people to congregate, the shuttered, historic Church of the Epiphany has been preserved and adapted into the Epiphany Center for the Arts, an iconic cultural hub “For the Good of Art, Entertainment and Events.” Thoughtfully designed, the exemplary 42,000-square-foot campus located on the artsy edge of Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood boasts three distinct venues (Epiphany Hall, The Sanctuary and The Chase House) and a stunning array of amenities. The campus also features eight galleries that serve as a platform for a diverse selection of artists from Chicago and beyond. Epiphany’s exhibitions showcase the work of women, the LGBTQIA community, artists of color, and the disability culture. Epiphany’s top priority is to curate programming that is inclusive, while providing a place established artists can collaborate with emerging ones. Epiphany’s programming serves to unite community and artists alike while “Bringing Chicago Together.”