Idol Hands
Idol Hands

Curated by Czr Prz


December 17, 2021 to March 5, 2022

Chicago artist Czr Prz presents Idol Hands, a group exhibition that centers around craft, materials and fabrication and includes works from cutting-edge creatives from across the country, including Los Angeles, Detroit, NYC and Chicago.  Idol Hands plays with the aphorism that idle hands are the devil’s playground, turning this saying on its head to honor humanity’s ability to create god forms by hand. Curated by Prz, the show features Woes Martin, Balloonski, Sarah Best, Sea of Doom, Ian Kuali’i, Pyhbr, Zeye One, Elloo, Mr B Baby, Jb Snyder, Janel Garza, Anthony Lewellen, Denial, Hank VonHellion, Czr Prz and CLS.

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