Open Call: The Courtyard Wall Mural
At Epiphany Center for the Arts

Epiphany Center for the Arts is offering an opportunity to show artwork and win prize money through our Courtyard Wall Mural Open Call Project. Emerging artists, groups of young artists, or nonprofits interested in street art, graffiti, and murals are encouraged to apply to our annual contest. The selected artist for each competition will then paint the winning design on Epiphany’s courtyard wall. Both the inside and outside of the wall are part of this project, and may be done by two different artists, or one artist depending on the scope of the design.

Submission forms will open in the Fall of 2023. All submissions must include the following materials and information:

  • A full-color sketch or rendering of the idea
  • A project statement on how this project aligns with Epiphany’s Mission
  • The artwork medium
  • Artist contact information
  • Artist or group social media links
  • A link to or an attached portfolio/cv

Winners receive a prize of at least $1,500 upon the completion of the mural at Epiphany.
The project will remain up for a year until the next round of open calls.

Altogether the total wall space for the mural design is approximately 50 linear feet, including designs for both the inside and outside of the wall. Site visits are highly encouraged, due to the unique structure of the mural site. To cover both the inside and outside of the wall we may choose one or two different proposals, depending on the submitted designs. Each entry submitted may include designs for one or both sides of the wall. If two different artists are selected, the $1,500 prize money will be split evenly. More information on the dimensions and submission rules are available in a downloadable PDF here.

For more information or inquiries, email us at