Epiphany Center for the Arts Announces
2022 Events Surrounding its Agave! Exhibition

The expansive group exhibition, featuring a range of artwork
made from agave fiber, runs through Saturday, April 9

CHICAGO (February 10, 2022) Epiphany Center for the Arts today announced its 2022 schedule of events for Agave!, an expansive group exhibition featuring artwork made from agave fiber that was extracted from leaves discarded during the production of the popular mezcal spirit.

The diverse collection of artwork is curated by Trine Ellitsgaard and Kiff Slemmons and ranges from prints and sculptures to carpets, furniture and apparel. The free exhibition runs in Epiphany’s Chase Gallery through Saturday, April 9, and is paired with the following complimentary programming for 2022: 

Mezcal has been part of Mexican life, gastronomy and culture for centuries, and has recently exploded in popularity around the world. However, mezcal’s newfound fame has created environmental problems for the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Once the agave plants are cut and distilled, there is an enormous surplus of leaves left to sit and dry until they are reabsorbed back into the soil. This creates an imbalance in the equilibrium of the local ecosystem, disturbing the soil and giving rise to insect infestation.

“The artists featured in Agave! have responded to this environmental crisis by transforming these discarded leaves into fantastic pieces of design,” said Epiphany’s Director of Art & Programming Aaron Baker. “They are participating in a virtuous cycle of turning a problem into an opportunity, of turning waste into beautiful, timeless objects. We are thrilled to be able to showcase their innovative artwork here at Epiphany Center for the Arts.”

Agave! features the work of prominent U.S. and Mexican artists, such as Jim Bassler, Frank Connet, Angela Damman, Trine Ellitsgaard, Maddalena Forcella, Mariana Grapain, Anne Hirondelle, Ana Hernandez, Fernando Laposse, Miki Nagamine, Huemac Olivares, Michael Olszewski, Adán Paredes, Eric Ramirez, Aaron Robinson, Jose Angel Santiago, Kiff Slemmons, Veronique Tesseraud, Francisco Toledo and Venus y Loco.  

Agave! has received an overwhelmingly positive response during the first half of its run, and we have been excited about the level of interest the artwork has garnered from the community,” added Baker. “Given the diversity of Epiphany’s visitors, it’s been rewarding to see that this exhibition appeals to everyone from seasoned art collectors to casual visitors. We look forward to showing Agave! to even greater crowds at our upcoming events.”

Agave! viewing appointments can be made Tuesdays through Saturdays. To check availability and make a free reservation, or to inquire about purchasing artwork featured in the exhibition, contact


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