Éclat Fashion Show

Éclat Fashion Show

fri31may7:00 pmfri10:00 pmÉclat Fashion Show


May 31, 2024 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Epiphany Center For The Arts: The Catacombs

201 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60607


Must be 17+

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Éclat Fashion Show

Date: Friday, May 31, 2024

Doors: 5PM for Golden Hour | 6PM for Catacombs

Showtime: 7PM 

Tickets: $20 - Standing | $30 - GA Seated | $50 - VIP 

‘Service charges apply to ALL ticket purchases (online and box office)’ - Credit card only at door

About Wuraola Adeniji:

Wuraola Adeniji, a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, immerses herself in the realms of fashion, filmmaking, and photography. Through her unique lens, she orchestrates a symphony of imagination, breathing life into fantastical landscapes and narratives.

Having spent her formative years in Nigeria,  She finds solace and inspiration in her roots, infusing her art with a profound sense of authenticity and nostalgia. Fashion becomes her canvas, a medium through which she transcends the boundaries of reality, weaving a delicate dance between the abstractions of memory and the present-day experiences of life in the United States.

Drawing from her Yoruba ancestry, she imbues her art with the significance of cultural expression, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation to craft a visual language that speaks to the soul.

About Phoebe Heng:

For Phoebe, art-making is a form of therapy to understand subconscious tensions that can not be articulated through words.
Finally seeing her imagination come to life provides a time of reflection; the ghosts of children, a childhood blanket flying back to her, the transformation of becoming a golden field of wheat, and the ability to fly away with birds beneath our feet. Everyday objects and unconventional materials are primarily used in her work to deconstruct and piece together by machine sewing or hand stitching to reflect fading memories and the belief that everything is just a brevity of existence.

Making sculptural garments is a response of playfulness to connect to childhood creativity and imagination. Phoebe’s practice allows her to access  unconscious desires of memory by physically bringing forth the imaginative realm through her work. The invisible world striving to manifest. The dreaming. Thus, constantly living in her reality. The surreal.

About Kaine:


Investigation lies at the heart of my creativity, with craftmanship as my guiding hand. I specialize in transforming intangible themes of memory into tangible art through fabric and garments. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, I explore folklore and science through traditional research, conceptual mind-mapping, non-traditional silhouettes, and handcrafted textiles.

The hours invested in creating textiles allow me to capture beautiful moments in fabric: the etherealness of space rendered in dyed organza, the gleam of metal embodied in leather, a secret language encoded within a print, or an otherworldy texture manifested in knit.

With these tools and techniques, I strive to achieve a delicate yet resilient balance in my work, marrying the ephemeral with the enduring.

About Maxine:

As an artist embracing my full identity, I've ceased trying to fit into traditional molds. My art celebrates black beauty as it existsin everyday life and across the globe, challenging the conventional portrayal of the African American community which often emphasizes grief, poverty, and violence.

I aim to redefine this narrative, asserting that we are pioneers of culture. My work testifies that African Americans are not just participants but leaders in shaping cultural norms. We innovate, inspire, and set trends.

Drawing from African history, my art bridges our rich past and an envisioned future of limitless possibilities. My designs incorporate the craftsmanship of quilting, puffer techniques, screen printing, and textile design with a vivid palette of AfriCOBRA like colors.

These techniques embody a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation and each creation is an expression of my vision as a designer and a reflection of my identity. It's a narrative of empowerment, a declaration of our role as creators of our world, celebrating the diversity and richness of our heritage.

About Aliyah Isaacs:

A young Black fashion designer and photographer from Louisiana, draws her creative energy from her personal journey, the vibrant tapestry of Black everyday life, and the captivating realms of Afrofuturism. With a profound desire to interlace narratives within her clothing, Aliyah seamlessly melds her passion for photography to construct immersive experiences. Her designs serve as vessels for storytelling, seamlessly blending elements of cultural resistance with couture craftsmanship and unconventional materials.

As a visionary, Aliyah perceives her garments not merely as attire, but as gateways to alternate worlds where Black individuals are welcomed into the realm of her fantasy. Through her work, she extends an invitation to viewers to embark on a journey through the lens of her imagination. Her mission reverberates with the essence of empowerment, augmenting their presence with every meticulously crafted stitch and silhouette.


Golden Hour at Epiphany:

Stop by Epiphany for our live music series concerts, and be sure to hit Golden Hour before-hand for drinks and lite-bites! Doors open at 5pm Wednesday - Saturday for Golden Hour with 1/2 priced bottles of wine and other specials!

Come early to EXPLORE and DISCOVER your own EPIPHANY… our art galleries are open and there is free entertainment before the show!

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Please note that outside food or beverages are not permitted in the venue. 

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