The Catacombs

The Catacombs is a remarkably quaint, romantic retreat, certain to charm all who cross its threshold. Imagine a grand staircase leading to a vintage room with vaulted ceiling, stained glass windows, vintage chandeliers, a built-in stage, complemented by a private Niche Bar and The Lounge. Offering classic elegance at its best, The Sanctuary is ideal for an intimate wedding celebration, and when paired with Epiphany Hall or Chase House, makes an unforgettable impression for rehearsal dinner, bridal suite, man cave, or VIP after-party.

  • One of a Kind Space
  • Amazing Acoustics
  • State of  the Art Audio /  Visual Equipment
  • Catering Kitchen Available

Epiphany Hall embraces whimsical elements in its interior design while preserving the historic qualities. Its Queen Anne detailing, including arched ceilings and Tiffany stained glass windows, nod to the fact that the building was previously a church. The open floor plan allows the hall to be used for almost any seating configuration, including theater, banquet, and more. The room can accommodate 460 guests for a seated dining experience. It can also be booked with the adjacent Guild Hall for additional space.

Upcoming Shows


fri24mar7:30 pmfri9:00 pmBest of Soul: Live Band Tribute

sat25mar7:00 pmsat9:00 pmJohnnie Brown “Love TKO” tribute to Teddy Pendergrass

sun26mar7:00 pmsun9:00 pmJohnnie Brown “Love TKO” tribute to Teddy Pendergrass

thu30mar7:30 pmthu9:00 pmMikey Ahearn

fri31mar7:30 pmfri9:00 pmThe Leisure Committee & Brooklyn Britches


sat01apr7:30 pmsat8:00 pmIrene Michaels & The Our House Band with special guest Michael A. Levine

sun02apr8:00 pmsun9:15 pmImmersiveChamber Music Series: Mi Alma Latina

wed05apr7:30 pmwed9:00 pmAddison Agen

sat08apr7:30 pmsat9:00 pmBarry Fontenot Presents: The MoTown Show

wed12apr6:30 pmwed8:00 pmVulnerable Showcase

thu13apr7:30 pmthu9:00 pmElla Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Tribute

fri14apr8:00 pmfri9:30 pmCarya Live

sat15apr7:30 pmsat9:00 pmLaith Al-Saadi

mon17apr7:30 pmmon9:00 pmChicago Cabaret Professionals presents: Musical Mondays - Tin Pan Alley

fri21apr7:30 pmfri9:00 pmBear Williams Band

sat22apr7:30 pmsat9:00 pmMANSA with Shutter Step

fri28apr8:00 pmfri9:30 pmBlues Music Series: Indigo Flood

sun30apr8:00 pmsun10:00 pmKendre Music Presents Love is featuring Sa'Rayah


fri05may7:30 pmfri9:30 pmEmily Chloe Quinn and Friends

sun07may2:00 pmsun3:15 pmImmersive Chamber Music Series: Chicago Flute Club

fri12may8:00 pmfri9:30 pmChicago Cabaret Week Kick Off

sat20may4:00 pmsat5:30 pmImmersive Chamber Music: Lynx Project

sun21may6:00 pmsun7:30 pmImmersive Chamber Music: Avalon String Quartet


sat03jun10:00 amsat4:00 pmMAN UP The Ultimate Men's Lifestyle Expo

fri09jun8:00 pmfri9:30 pmBlues Music Series: Indigo Flood

sun11jun2:00 pmsun3:15 pmImmersive Chamber Music Series: VIOCELLO


mon10jul7:30 pmmon9:00 pmChicago Cabaret Professionals presents: Musical Mondays - 100 Years of Disney


fri11aug7:30 pmfri9:00 pmIvy Ford Band


fri03nov7:30 pmfri9:00 pmImmersive Chamber Music: Pilgrim Chamber Players



Media Gallery

Technical Info

The Catacombs can accommodate up to xxx seated guests. x Stage Dimensions
3’ 10” high
20’ 5” deep
44’ wide including wings
29’11” width between inner edges of D&B

Line Arrays
Wing Stage Left: 6’7” x 20’6” (WxD) Wing Stage Right: 7’8” x 2’6”

11’8.5’’ stage floor to center I-beam clear-ance
14’ stage floor to ceiling clearance
13’10” stage floor to acoustical ceiling tiles (Acoustical panels are 2’ by 2’ panels layed out in a checkerboard style and cover the stage ceiling)
14’6” width between ceiling center I-beam and ceiling stage left/right I-beams

Alley Access
Elevator width 6.9 depth. 5.5 height. 7’ opening 41’’ Double 4’ wide stair cases on both sides of the venue Stage Access: 3 sets of 4.5’ wide stairs

Touring vehicles (Bus, Van, Truck transporting band members and or equipment) are to be parked along the west side of the building near the back alley.

.PA Setup:

D&B audiotechnikMains – 2 hangs totalTops per hang =

4 x Vi8 + 2 x Vi12 Subs per stack =

3 x B2- middle cabinet reversed for cardioid configuration- 4 stacks total

2 x Pioneer DJM 900 nexus 2 x Pinoeer DJM 800
1 x Rane sixty two
1 x Rane fifty seven

6 – sm81
2 – Beta 91a
10 – sm 58
2 – Beta 52a
9 – Beta58a
4 – SM58 ULXD24D (wireless) 4 – sennhesier e604
1 – sennhesier e609
20 – sm57

2 – radialpro d2 (stereo)
1 – JDI (mono)
1 – pcDI (stereo)
1 – Whirwind – direct 2 (stereo) 7 – Whirlwind – edb1
6 – Director (mono)


5 – Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash 7 – Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash 2 – Elation design spot 300s 6 – LED par cans (downstage) 10 – Chauvet slim-par 64 LED (upstage pipe)

Lighting Console
Hog 3 programming/playback wing running
Hog 4 pc software v2.5.0

Audio Power (stage left wall)
100 amps over 12 circuits (20 amp break-ers on each circuit)

Audio Power Disconnect (stage right) 200 amp 3 phase (bare end to camlock tails & distro needed for tie in)

Lighting Power Disconnect (stage right) 400 amp 3phase (bare end to camlock tails & distro needed for tie in)